Au revoir Montréal, hello Vancouver

Let me start by explaining what is happening with this blog. It began as a way to keep people back home abreast of my life while abroad in Turkey a year ago. For those of you who do not know, I recently graduated from McGill in December. Commencement will be in June, but I am officially the holder of my very own BA degree. Sometime last semester my boyfriend and I decided to move to Vancouver after the holidays. Long story, short: It’s super easy for me to stay in Canada and work ($255 to Citizenship and Immigration Canada and a trip to Bellingham, WA and back gives me 3 years) but it is quite difficult for him to legally work in the United States. After deciding long ago that somewhere Anglophone would be best so that he can perfect his English, it essentially came down to Toronto or Vancouver. Neither of us had lived on the West Coast before so in the end we said ‘Why not?’ and began the process of moving across the continent. Before I go on, I want those of you who have subscribed to this blog to know that you are free to unsubscribe without judgement. You signed up for my study abroad blog, and while those posts will always be here, this blog will now feature stories from Vancouver. If that interests you, I would love to have you stay. Without further ado, our move:

Sacha and I returned to Montreal on 7 January after a lovely few weeks in Baltimore with my family and friends, giving us just over a week to say our last goodbyes before flying to Vancouver. One of the things we did in Baltimore was schedule a pickup date for a lot of our stuff, so we spent a while boxing everything up so that the BC-based moving company could just load the stuff on the truck and takeoff (it’s cheaper that way). On the day of, we carried each box downstairs right before the start of our pickup window (3 to 7 PM). At around 5 PM, I called just to make sure they were still running on schedule and was assured that they would be there by 7. At 6:50, I called and was told they would make it by 8:30. Come 9:00, the office had closed and still not truck. So we angrily carried everything back up the stairs out of the ensuing snowstorm. At around 11:20, right as I was about to shut off my laptop for the night, my phone starting ringing but I wasn’t able to get out of bed in time. But then Sacha’s starting ringing, so I answered and was met by a breathless man apologizing for being so late and promising he would be there “soon.” He asked if that was okay and I flat out said no and asked him if he knew what time it was. The next day I was informed the next pickup day available was in a week, the day before our flight was to leave Montreal. Needless to say we decided to find another company. Thankfully things went smoothly with them, and our stuff has arrived in BC and is waiting until we move into our permanent apartment in March.


The trip from Montreal to Vancouver on 20 January was predictably eventful. It started with our Car2Go that morning. As you can see from the photo I took, we barely made it in one piece. Talk about being too cheap to pay for a $40 cab. Once we arrived in Vancouver, we got to the baggage claim before Sacha realized he had left a painting in a tube on board. After waiting for 20 minutes for an Air Canada agent to retrieve it and bring it to us (because, of course, we had already left the secure area), we hailed a cab (after having enough Car2Go fun for the day) to our AirBnB downtown. While waiting for the painting I had purchased a latte which I set on the floor of the cab while loading the luggage. About 10 minutes into the trip I realized with horror that I had forgotten about and it had spilled quite a bit. Because we were already running late for our check-in and the mats were those super durable waterproof kind, I didn’t say anything. Karma bit me in the ass when we arrived. The cabbie noticed the spill just as he was about to drive away and got very angry, threatening to slap a $50 cleaning fee on the fare. Luckily, we were able to locate some paper towels and water to help him wipe up the spill so we were spared the fee. Sacha notified me that after his forgetfulness earlier we were now even.

17 days later and we are finally getting settled here in Vancouver. Look for a post soon about how much ‘fun’ the job search has been for me and, on a related note, how much Sacha and I ‘love’ visiting 15 apartments to find one. For now, enjoy the Super Bowl. I literally forgot it was happening until yesterday, I guess I’m practically Canadian.





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